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    Thumbnails are warmer than full previews...?


      Hey everyone,


      I tried searching this up but I couldn't seem to find any threads or solution to it. (Maybe I was just looking up the wrong thing) So what I've noticed just today that are my Lightroom thumbnails are much warmer than the original photo. (See images attached) So when I'm in 'Library' either looking at them blown up or a grid view the photos are warm. But once I go into 'Develop' mode they change back to how they were when I shot them. I didn't have this issue a couple days ago so I'm not sure what it is.. maybe I clicked something? Any help would be great! Thanks!


      Here is the warm WB in Library

      Screenshot (1).png

      Here is the proper WB in Develop

      Screenshot (2).png

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          Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You have a bad monitor profile. This is a very typical result of that and common on windows due to faulty profiles being shipped with monitor drivers. This also results in the histogram area that is supposed to be neutral grey looking yellowish as you can see in your screenshots. You need to recalibrate your monitor. If you don't own a calibration tool, go to your monitor's properties pane and delete any profile associated with the monitor. This should allow you to test whether this is the issue. Then make sure you buy or borrow a calibration tool as it is an essential tool for photography.

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            craigs84433192 Level 1

            I've never had this issue ever though.. I've run this monitor for about a year now. I restarted the computer and now it's back to normal!