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    Swap color upon output, preview.


      I have a product that I print 2-color.  For the most versatility in design, color, etc. I run it as Cyan and Black.

      I would like it to print in Magenta and Black.  Now I can just have the printer run the Cyan plate as Magenta ink but I'm not sure that it might need some tweaking or I get unexpected results. 

      Is there an easy way in Illustrator and InDesign to change the output, swapping the Cyan with Magenta so I can see what i will get.

      I know that I can do search and replace or "recolor artwork" on the files, etc, but would then need to save/change all the component files and images and that would be a ton of work.

      Thanks for your help, JP

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          Daniel Flavin Level 4

          Do you print this yourself or send it out?

          I don't think you can alias cyan, magenta or yellow in ID so If printing locally I would redefine the color in your RIP


          While you were crystal clear, I'm having trouble envisioning all your work actually being cyan and black. By chance do you merely design in cyan and instruct the "printer" to use a Pantone (or Spot)?

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            joel817 Level 1

            No, I don't print this myself.


            I do design this as cyan and black, I have a palette w many CMYK mixes of the two but no M or Y and use duotones n other tricks for the images.  There are a few stray pixels, but printer just uses cyan and black plates from seps.


            Pardon also the terminology.  I wish to swap "CHANNELS" so I may view in Indesign (or Illustrator, 2/3 of files that make up this ID file are Illustrator files) for any unexpected color shifts, esp to avoid pink instead of the light blue in some parts.

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              Daniel Flavin Level 4

              If the cyan is defined as a spot color (in all source images) than you can alias it to magenta.

              In my sample screenshot I have noted the spot cyan.


              Process colors cannot be aliased.


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                joel817 Level 1

                If only.

                There are far too many source images and files for that solution.  Further, as mentioned, I have many a swatch that is part cyan and part black, for instance:  C 100, M 0, Y 0, K 20.  I would have to alias all of these iterations to spot colors as well.

                There is a plugin that may do the job for Illustrator: Phantasm supposedly can swap channels.