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    LR6 issue


      Hope someone can offer some thoughts here.


      I was editing some photos tonight on LR6 which I purchased last November. All of a sudden I got a message saying "Windows ran into an error and is detecting a problem" (or something along that line) and a small horizontal bar was going back and forth in the middle of the screen for what seemed like forever. (Sorry, I don't know the techie terms).


      So, I control, alted, deleted my system. Went to open LR and the catalogue I was working on. "The LR catalogue cannot be opened because another application already has it opened. Quit the other copy of LR before trying to launch." Of course, I'm panicking but I went to my Pictures folder and found the LR catalog there and opened it up. But now LR almost seems to be in a trial version. I try to open a different catalogue and nothing is there. Any ideas?


      Thank you!