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    Lightroom Mobile sync is unusably slow

    bryanc93244351 Level 1

      LR Mobile sync performance is almost unusably bad.  Is there a way to improve this?


      I've been trying to sync 2000 photos from my iPhone 6S+ to LR Desktop.  It's been three evenings babysitting this process, and it's still less than half way through.  I'm on the latest iOS10 and have iCloud Photo Library turned on.  Using latest versions of LR (2015.7 CC on Desktop and 2.5.2 on iPhone)


      Three key issues:

      • LR Mobile used up 6.04GB of space
        (and I didn't have enough free, so the sync kept stalling until I manually deleted important apps)

        I expect LR to not use up that much extra space -- I take a lot of photos and don't always keep that much free space.

      • Upload only happens when LR Mobile is in the foreground
        When the lock screen comes up or I switch apps, photos stop sync'ing

        This is seriously annoying -- many other popular photo apps have had reliable background uploading since 3 years ago.

      • Upload speed seems unexpectedly slow
        I'd expect my desktop to receive the file as fast as my local Wifi network can handle (i.e. at least a photo a second)
        Instead, it's more like a photo every 10-20s

        I'm okay with Creative Cloud being eventually consistent -- I want to have these photos ready to edit ASAP.

        This almost seems sensible if LR Mobile has to download full-res version from iCloud Photo Library, then re-upload to CC, then download to desktop.  Almost.
        My internet connection speed tests usually to 50Mbps download / 10 Mbps upload.

        But add the slow sync speed together with sync not working in background, and this is kind of a show stopper.

      I like the idea having my phone automatically sync up with LR Desktop.  The magical promise sounds so much better than having to remember to manually import the photos; however, in practice, the creative cloud sync just doesn't seem to work well enough.