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    How would I solve this Http Service issue?

      My Source Code

      My XML file

      In the sample Code I provided the error messages I get at runtime.

      My question for the community is.

      How simple would it be to create multiple instances or components of the actual book to allow more than one section *which would be a category*

      / / Add the canvas in pound
      MonCanvas.addChild (myBook);

      ^ thats the code that makes the book here.
      <mx:Canvas Id="monCanvas" visible="true"/>

      How simple would it be to alter the xml to have categories and create a simple menu (pull down or anything that would work) That would change to the category onClick?

      I was thinking of using a Flex Framework and try to create a simple application that had a few different states that I could just change the data getting passed through the first book.

      And then when I look in the source code of the AS files I dont really see where I could make those errors go away.

      my email is coolcourt@gmail.com if you need to reach me, I will also be in the forums searching for people who've have similar problems.

      Thanks in advance