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    Images and objects not printing and jpg showing blurry

    ec41647383 Level 1

      Hi Mates,


      I have two issues.


      First of al, when I try to print a page straight from InDesign it doesn't show the images and some objects.

      - It prints text

      - it prints objects imported from illustrator

      - it doesnt print objects from other indesign files

      - it doesnt print jpg files imported from photoshop.


      (with imported i mean placed, copy pasted or dragged from screen to screen)

      Its a one page file, and i just use the print button.

      The images and objects are not -non-printing- (if tried to select print non-printing objects but this didn't solve it)


      This is how i print:







      This is how ive made it: https://puu.sh/rxdtE/c5f3dcf548.png

      And this is how it prints: https://puu.sh/rxdul/dbf39b473a.png


      I have no one to turn to since i'm the only "designer" here at work...

      Until this day he did fine and this problem never occured.


      Then my second issue.

      To solve this I just went exporting it to pdf and then printing it.
      But the jpg files are very very blurry. This while I have all settings on default (so it appears) and this is also something he didn't do before.


      This is how he exports the jpg: https://puu.sh/rxdB5/3a03bafde1.png

      While this is the "normal" qualanty of the image: https://puu.sh/rxdCA/4e2f16ce74.png 


      This is how i export:





      Please help :3