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    Table jumps down, footnote jumps up

    k8moore Level 1


      I've had this issue for a few months in numerous, similarly formatted, long (200-300 page) Indesign documents. The issue is quite patchy, sometimes happening and sometimes not. I'm on Windows 10, using CC.


      I have a table on a page within a single threaded text frame.


      If I adjust something in the table, like the column width or some text, the table jumps down to the top of the next page and the footnotes jump up to the top of the page, sitting over my text.

      If I move the text frame out of its margins and back again, the table jumps back up into place, fixing itself. But as soon as I edit the table again it pops down again.


      It doesn't happen with every table and only happens for tables that do NOT span more than one page and only when there is a footnote on the page.

      It occurs across multiple documents of the same style, so it isn't just one corrupt file.


      Any thoughts or suggestions on how to avoid it or fix it permanently?


      many thanks,