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    How does it work with responsive sites and inbrowserediting?

    fotoroeder Adobe Community Professional

      That might be a long question, maybe I did just not find the right spot to learn.

      As I created a website in Muse, made it responsive: www.bit-coaches.com  ,I had to deal with some "hide in breakpoint", "hide in other breakpoints".

      As I was not able to make the type layers resize at different breakpoints, I copied text layers, gave them another name (text1-1200/text1-960/text1-678/and so on)

      (I added paragraph styles as well for each new text layer, of course) and made them visible in different breakpoints. The very important question: what happens to these text elements when I (or even worse-my client) wants to edit via inbrowserediting?

      Also - and this might be a part of the answer - there´s a tool in the toolbar for text elements to make attributes to text unique per breakpoint or across all breakpoints.

      So far (mac_heibu once tried to explain this to me/us) I did not get the difference between the two settings. Does one of them make text resize?

      Because then I could take only one text layer through all breakpoints and the question would be obsolet, right


      The same question belongs to my own website, that I wanted to upload soon:  home

      Although it is just little text on the landing page, I want to make it appear as best and readable as possible. So I had to change size and settings several times.


      Thanks in advance