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    After effects latest version not responding


      I have a high spec computer newly installed and fully functional except after effects hangs when I do anything. Not responding notice with the blue circle. Windows 10. And latest drivers and Adobe etc.

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          More details please. What are you doing when AE hangs? There are precisely 1,970,469,528,995.337 or there about things that can be fouled up. Without details down to the last decimal point we can't possibly make a good guess as to which one of the things could be causing your problems.

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            andrews84571030 Level 1

            Thanks for the prompt reply I am currently eliminating other possibilities before I can 100% confirm it's something of a bug with Adobe. However, Importing files, attempting to apply effects to a composition and pretty much every function possible cause af to hang. Version 2015.3 and running fully up to date windows 10. I have adjusted memory preferences which has helped, but seem to not have control over CPU management as per some tutorial videos. which I'm guessing is a different version. Pr works fine. Once I've explored the other possible windows/hardware reasons I'll get back. Including proper error reports etc. if the problem persists.