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    Can't Install The Latest Version of Flash - Please Help


      Any page that uses a flash player will create a notification to allow or continue blocking.


      1.) Using Firefox  49.0.1




      2.) Flash - Why is there 2 listings of flash in my add-ons? I can't remove either of them?




      3.) The player element reads: "This plugin is vulnerable and should be updated"




      4.) I go to the download page.  Note the version:




      5.) Download the file




      6.) Open the download installation file




      7.) Confirm install




      8.) Blank window appears with title "Adobe Download Manager" - Nothing happens




      9.) close window and blank page opens in Internet Explorer "get.adobe.com/flashplayer"




      10.) The .exe install file is now gone - I didn't delete it. It has removed itself






      Q.1) Any idea what's going on here?


      Q.2) How can I successfully install the latest version?


      Q.3) Why do I have 2 versions in my add-ons and how do I delete the older version?


      Update: I ran the flash-uninstaller but version 18 still remains in the add-on list.

      I also tried to download and install the latest version again, but the exact same result as listed above happens.

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          maria__ Adobe Employee



          It's possible the Flash Player files detected in your second screenshot are at some location that the uninstaller is not aware of to delete. Please do the following:

          1. Launch Firefox and navigate to about:plugins
          2. Locate the Shockwave Flash entry
          3. Make note of the Path Flash Player is loading Flash Player from.  For example:
          4. Using Windows/File Explorer go to the Path location (from step 3) and delete the file



          For the blank installer dialog window, please do the following:

          1. Right-click on the installer file and select Properties
          2. In the General tab click the Unblock button

          3. Click Apply
          4. Click OK to close the window
          5. Double-click on the installer file to launch the installer



          The online installer deletes itself after it is executed.




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            jaygreyhood Level 1

            Awesome, thank you so much!