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    Newsletter Mailer template


      I am working on a company newsletter. Our first issue was sent in an envelope, only because we had our content picked out & finalized before we thought about mailing it.

      Now, I am looking to leave a space for the address, return address, and other postal information. I am reserving the top half of the back page for mailing info.


      I was curious if there is a template for Id out there that would show me where I need to leave space for this content, and what margins I need to keep. I wanted to do our family of company logos across the bottom, but I am realizing they may need that space left blank for a barcode...so I'm wondering if I can put them above this barcode area. Also wondering how much space my return address can take up, and if I can run anything across the top.


      Please let me know or point me in the right direction if you can!


      Thank you in advance!