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    Need to Hire Illustrator Script developer to help automate workflow.


      Our company would like to have a script developed that can automate our illustrator workflow, the idea being able to eliminate a repetitive and time consuming process. By our estimation there are approximately 40 steps in our process, using many defined variables. Using the "Variable" tool in Illustrator has helped start this process, but we are now looking for a script that will further streamline the process outlined in the image below.(See DataWorkflow-(1).png)


      Simplified Version of the task:

      (1) Take input from excel and illustrator

      (2) Modify, scale, and align necessary items in illustrator file to match excel file

      (3) Batch save as pdf.


      We use Adobe on windows based systems.


      Upon being selected, we will provide the necessary documents for project completion. We can also set up video calls to elaborate on the specific details of the task. We can and will help in any way possible.


      We would like to complete this as soon as possible.


      Please feel free to contact us @ rpn.graphics@gmail.com


      Or please, if you know a good resource or friend that can do what is mentioned please point us or them in the right direction. Thanks