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    Adobe Acrobat Pro DC - 100% crash when trying to "save" or "save as". No solutions online work.


      I have followed every guide out there on the web to fix the problem of Adobe Acrobat DC crashing when trying to "save" or "save as" and nothing has worked. I've tried using the clean uninstall tool, and have completely re-installed fresh, I have unmarked the check boxes for "show online storage when saving files", fiddled with potential antivirus conflicts, disabled "Enable Enhanced Security". Right now, it is literally impossible to work on a PDF and save any progress on it. Any help would be extremely beneficial.

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          hooshier1986 Level 1

          Just to clarify what I have done:


          Tried repairing, completely fresh install (after using Adobe Clean tool), fiddled with potential Antivirus conflicts, tried the "trial" version, the only thing I HAVE NOT done yet is tried installing a much older version, but I did try re-installing the previous version right before the 2.0050 version.


          Tried running in compatibility settings - XP - SP3, Windows 7, tried running as administrator, thought it might be a write access, privilege problem so I tried saving to multiple different locations, tried clearing all AppData cached information in Local and Roaming. Tried unchecking "show online storage when saving files", unchecked "enabled enhanced security", and a host of other things. Any other advice other than the generic repair / re-install will be extremely helpful at this point as this issue seems to be quite prevalent with zero guidance on what to do after the already abundant, yet same, proffered solutions.

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            hooshier1986 Level 1

            To post the solution I found:


            First, I want to express that I do not condone illegal use / misuse of proprietary information, but that I indeed have done it in the past and while this will discuss nonspecific ways in which this is done for Acrobat, it is strictly meant as a solution for those of you, whom want to legally use / purchase Acrobat who have been down this path, as all the solutions proffered revolve around the underlying presumption that you have legally purchased Acrobat or downloaded the trial version.


            Second, if you try to contact Adobe in regard to this problem, there is no working solution. My case was elevated to the next layer of support, but the technical support specialist ran through all of the "known" and already suggested methods you can find in the forums / online. I do presume that the support specialist understands how the hosts file works and likely has knowledge that in order for the program to function properly, the hosts file must not be tampered with - however, I don't think their support "script" walks them through the scenario in which a customer has previously modified this file. So respect to my specialist whom spent time with me.


            Most methods of installation through nontraditional means require a basic understanding of editing the "hosts" file in your systems32 folder. Most of the prior Acrobat versions would require some form of editing of that file either through patch, or through manual heightened privileges editing of the hosts file.


            In  effect, you would block Adobe from being able to contact certain outgoing IP addresses, essentially tricking the program, when using it. Come Adobe DC and Creative Cloud - where Adobe legitimately  makes it impossible to use the programs without creating and signing in to user ID while using their programs.


            Net effect, not quite sure, but seemingly a certain connection to Adobe is required in order to utilize certain functions of their apps - most notably in Adobe Acrobat DC, being able to "save"  or "save as" a pdf file.


            In order to resolve issue:


            1. Either manually edit your hosts file and remove all entries associated with Adobe or download the AdobeLimitedAccessRepairTool (Limited access error in Creative Cloud for desktop app ) which automatically will correct your hosts file.


            2. Use Adobe's Acro Cleaner Tool (Download Adobe Reader and Acrobat Cleaner Tool - Adobe Labs ) to perform a clean uninstall of Adobe Acrobat.


            3. Restart your PC.


            4. Either download the Trial Version or Paid Version of Adobe Acrobat directly from Adobe's website, which will also download Adobe's Creative Cloud software.


            5. From their, install Acrobat / Creative Cloud and try saving a pdf. The problem should be resolved.


            I can replicate the problem by downloading (nontraditional way) the most recent Acrobat version: 2015.017.20050 and performing one of the multiple methods of blocking Adobe. Thus, it seems logical to presume that there is some function tied to the saving feature which requires some interaction with Adobe servers, otherwise the program inevitably crashes during the saving.


            I have only verified this method to work if you have (1) edited your hosts files with respect to any Adobe IP's, or (2) if you installed Acrobat (nontraditional way) and "patched" it using PainteR's AMT Emulator and specifically only for the "save" or "save as" problem. This method does NOT / has not been tested for any other method of "patching" Acrobat including, but not limited to: (1) using the "Universal Adobe Patcher" or (2) using any "Keygen" nor has it been tested for any other function which inherently requires some sort of access to Adobe.


            Again, I want to express the fact that I am not condoning illegal use / misuse of proprietary information. I want to post this in order to help a large population of users whom likely have faced or will face this issue and who are legitimately trying / paying to use Adobe's products and for Adobe to understand that when addressing solutions to problems, there are other root factors at play that affect your programs such that a uninstall / re-install will not correct.


            Best of luck. I hope this is helpful.

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              hooshier1986 Level 1

              To amend this solution:


              The issue, thought to be resolved, is still occurring.


              The problem went away for a couple of files, but has subsequently returned and no longer allows me to "save" or "save as".


              Unfortunately, I cannot retract the green answer to make this unanswered, but the issue is still ongoing. A support specialist is supposed to calling within 24-48 hours. I will update this topic as I pursue the solution. Therefore, in regard to all of the prior solution, it may potentially be all null, but nonetheless, maybe it can be used to find the root cause.



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                Were you able to resolve this?  I have been having the same problem for a couple of days.  I can print to the pdf printer (which is how I have been 'saving' things), but I cannot save or 'save as'.