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    can't share photo out of Lightroom Mobile


      Today I started using LR Mobile. I got it synced between my Mac (latest version of LR and macOS Sierra) and iPhone (with latest iOS and latest LR Mobile app). I synched first a RAW photo and later a small JPEG of it from LR on my Mac via Creative Cloud to the correct folder in LR Mobile on my Phone. What I can't seem to do is to get that photo *out* of LR on my phone. I can't save it to the Camera Roll, Open It (not that I want to) or Share. My goal is to be able to get photos from LR on my Mac (taken with a mirrorless camera) to LR Mobile so I can post them Instagram.


      What I've had to do in the past was to export a JPEG out of LR on my Mac, email it to Mail on my iPhone, get it into Instagram from there to post it. I thought I'd be able to have a simpler, easier workflow by having it sync from LR on my Mac to LR Mobile on my phone to be able to get it into Instagram from there (even if I had to save it to the Camera Roll first. The only thing happening once it's in LR Mobile is that clicking to Save to Camera Roll or Share brings up prefs for what I want to have happen with the photo's metadata, nothing else. Why not? Is there a fix for this? An easier way to get a photo from LR on my Mac posted to Instagram. (My understanding is that it's currently not possible to post to Instagram from anything othe than a mobile device, phone or tablet.)