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    New to Ps: How do you Change Image Texture, Extrude 2D to 3D?


      ...as, for example, the Adobe Ps program opening on your PC display with Water in a 3D rectangular shape... I dragged-dropped a Diamond image from my laptop Pictures folder into Ps, then Extruded within a 3D Cube: no distortion of the Diamond when I simply "pulled" the cursor to pull the image from 2D to 3D... yet I do not remember which features/settings I used... I started by hitting the 3D tab, then Extruded. I can not get the same results! When I Extrude an Image, I get a shadow immediately behind the Image, not the Image into 3D! As for the Ps program with Image of Water in a 3D rectangular shape, I am sure you can drag your Name in any font from your Pictures folder, change the Texture to a any solid color, colors, or image/s, then, like with the Diamond, Extrude to a full, undistorted 3D Image simply by dragging the cursor to pull the image into a 3D shape. Then you can re-touch the image/s... photo/s with image editors to edit brightness, contrast, color/s, hue/s... and on and on... then sequence the images in a .gif and other still visual image sequencers as video makers, so your Adobe Ps Diamond letters of your Name appear to glisten, Ice letters appear to steam and glisten, fire letters appear to burn... as if truly animated/video images! google, yahoo... image search: Adobe Photoshop letters, you will see letters of Ice, Fire... Please reply as soon as possible to simply Change image Texture, and then Extrude the 2D Image to 3D with Adobe Ps!