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    Help! collections


      Can anyone help me add photos to a collection? I have created the collection but can't figure how to move pictures into it >.<

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          ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

          Select a one or more images, then drag the thumbnail (not the gray border) to the collection.

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            WobertC Adobe Community Professional

            and some more info- if you care to read.



            Add images to a collection-         

            1. Drag & Drop with the mouse cursor by click & hold on an image thumbnail, (NOT the preview grey border)

            Drag to hover the cursor over the collection name until it shows a lighter shade of grey with image icons being added, then release mouse button. 

            2. Keyboard shortcut [B] bounces a selected image to the ‘Target’ collection,  or 

            3. Click the grey dot in the upper corner of the image thumbnail (Requires Info toggled 'on' by key press [J] )

            4. Or- Create the Collection with check box ticked to "Add selected images"


            * Images in “Collections” are just links to the original preview images.

            * (the are not copies, not files, not images.)

            * edits made to images in a collection  changes the image in the library grid view also.

            * ”virtual copies” can also be placed in a collection (edits change the virtual copy only)

            * Pressing [Delete] will remove selected images from a collection.

            * Right-click a collection to delete it. Deleting a collection does not delete images, or virtual copies.

            * In library view- Click a ‘collection’ badge on an image to show the collection name where that image has been added.

            * Collections can be created from selected images as  “all virtual copies”  by ticking the  “virtual”  box.

            * Collections can be gathered in a “collection set”  folder. (it appears like a ‘shoe-box’ icon.) 

            * Images cannot be added to a  "collection set” folder.

            * Collection folders can be dragged into a ‘master’ collection Set folder.

            * Collections- sort alphabetically and numerically.

            * A “Quick Collection is the default that exists in the “catalog” panel.

            * “Smart” and  “Standard”  collections exist in the “collections” panel.

            * A "Target collection"- is indicated with [+] symbol on the end of the collection name.

            * Set a collection as the "Target Collection" by a right-click option, or when a new collection is created.

            * The “Quick collection” in the catalog panel is the default “target” collection, unless you define another as the target.

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