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    Wishlist Aftereffects next release


      My two biggest wish for a new release would by :

      1. Better sound tools: Sound-layer movable on subframe basis, blend layers like in audition.

      2. A layer-typ that act like a simple premiere layer: For example a lot of pictures that I could cut or blend in one "line" instead of a big stack or a precomp.


      That would be so nice!


      Thanks, Oliver

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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The next release of After Effects has already been announced and neither of those are in it.


          I would suspect that you are not going to get either of those things in After Effects ever. After Effects is specifically built for a certain set of tasks and audio editing and video editing are not those tasks.


          My wishlist would include things like a faster renderer that uses multiple processors (but in a much better way than the old multiprocessing worked), some better cloning/repeating/randomness tools for motion graphics, an improved Set Matte effect (to take into account layer size and position differences, etc. to basically replace track mattes with a more powerful option), and some other stuff. Basically, I want AE to be a better motion graphics, visual effects, and compositing program before it becomes more like Premiere or Audition.

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            Dave LaRonde Level 6

            Mine would be....


            It works.  No ifs, ands or buts.


            You will note the absence of the term, "new features".  I don't think they're necessary.


            There are too many things wrong in the current version to justify sweating over new features.  There are too many things that should work, but don't.  Here's a short list of thing I'd like to see:  No reverting to older versions for a solution.  No difference in functioning between the major operating systems.  No need to worry about the precise version of the operating system.  No need to worry about the precise type of video card installed.  No arcane workarounds.  No need to unhook peripherals for proper functioning.  Concentrate on getting the damn thing to work.


            In other words, make AE work as well as it did fifteen years ago.  That, ladies and gents, is a VERY tall order in today's world.