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    Color (Swatch) problems

    jonasdr Level 1



      A big reason for making a color swatch and applying it to a text, shape, .. is that once you adjust the swatch, all items in your document auromatically take on the adjustments.

      For some reason, since the last update, this does not work anymore.
      Not with preview activated and not after clicking OK.

      Sorry, but this is a big issue that needs resolving asap and i realy find it hard to believe Adobe would miss or fault on such an important feature.issue?


      Anyone else having this issue? I have tried deleting, yet again, my prefs. With no success.
      (seems we have to do that often since the last updates of CC, and realy not in the mood to yet again re-do all my settings).


      Thanks for any advise, but i think its one of the many, many bugs in this last update of CC-apps.