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      I have a problem with my tolino e-reader. I downloaded books on it, and before being able to read them i had to authorise it with my Adobe ID.

      No problems at first, but everytime i recharged my tolino (by plugging it in the computer via USB) i had to reauthorise. So last time i did this and i tried to authorise, i get the error in the title saying only 6 devices can be authorised with this Adobe ID.

      So i would like to know how to solve this and if possible to avoid it in the future.


      Kind regards

          terryk46822472 Level 1

          Good luck trying to get onto Adobe.  I have been trying unsuccessfully for a month to get my Kobo eReader reset. I have a message on it E_TOO_MANY_ACTIVATIONS. It has taken me a good three weeks of mucking around and wasting my time surfing their totally useless website before I got anywhere. I have never in all my years come across a website like the Adobe one.  Trying to talk to a human is impossible. Trying to start a chat with someone is impossible.  You have to hunt through their forums to find someone from Adobe whose name is underlined in RED to get anything done. How long does it take to reset a eReader?  It can't be too hard to do can it?  Why isn't there a section that actually shows you how to do it yourself as this seems to be a very common problem.  We can successfully put man on the moon and return him but it takes four weeks to reset a eReaders licences.  I said in my previous letters that it was very frustrating not only for me but I am sure for many other Adobe Digital Edition users who have the same message. Well now it's not frustrating it's just plain hilarious. Come on Adobe lift your game as this is a common problem that should be fixed.






            THis is also my problem!!!!!

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              terryk46822472 Level 1

              Well as you can see from my previous posting dated 10/08/2017 things have not changed.  I still cannot download any books.  Got onto someone who works for Adobe via the chat page and told them my problem ie: E_ACT_TOO_MANY_ACTIVATIONS. I  was told that it was being passed onto the Tech department.  Now that is interesting.  I rang a 1800 number and spoke to someone in America and was passed onto someone in India who told me it was going to cost me $200 dollars Australian to get my licences reset. Whom is kidding who,  the eRreader only cost $180 Australian, so that idea was ludicrous. Finally got onto someone in Sydney Australia from Adobe.  Yes I know that sounds like a lie but I actually spoke to someone. Same response "We will  forward your problem  to our Tech Department".  That was over a week ago and I have heard nothing, no phone call or email and they got both from me. When I originally had a look at the forum as I was told that it was there where you could find an Adobe employee to chat to I noted a few of the other people who were on the forum had the same problem. There was one chat that was dated October 2010. We are in 2017. So am I being led to believe that this activation problem has been tossed around the Adobe Chat Forum for nearly seven years with no apparent fix from Adobe? What is going on Adobe. Can someone shed some light onto this ongoing problem or at least tell me and others who do we talk to, and how to fix this problem.





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                This is not the right forum for your queries hence they are un addressed. Kindly post your query in Adobe Digital Editions for a better and prompt response.




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                  MS Kat Kat

                  Go to youtube it will show you how to reset your kobo ereader.

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