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    Displaying universal TableViews


      I would like to present a UITableView with clickable cells and possibly disclosure buttons with PhoneGap, with the possibility of having a similar interface in Android and the rest. I tried to add a normal html table, but contrary to what I expected it shows like a normal html table! How may I display a full-fledged tableview possibly to be inserted in its own container so that it may be swiped without moving all the screen like it happens on a native iOS app?

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          kerrishotts Adobe Employee

          I fear you have a misapprehension about what PhoneGap is and how it works. PhoneGap renders HTML, styles it with CSS, and uses JS for logic. As far as PhoneGap is concerned, UITableView does not exist. There are some plugins that add some support, but they are not core plugins, nor are they enabled by default.


          In order to get the desired look and feel, you need to apply the appropriate CSS styles and add the appropriate logic. You can do this manually (hard) or use a framework that takes care of the hard work for you. I'd suggest: Ionic, Onsen UI, or Framework7. Keep in mind that no framework will perfectly duplicate the native look and feel, but they get really close.