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    Uniform time transiion across all 'still' images?

    SteveH59 Level 1



      Along my Expert timeline in Premier Elements 11, I have a number of 'stills' which will fade in and out after, say, 6 seconds. Each 'still' has the same height and width dimensions and resolution.


      Is it possible to apply a uniform time transition across all of these 'still' clips so that each one fades in and out at exactly the same time, maybe by holding down the Shift key, or so I have to set that time for each clip individually?


      I am trying to avoid a situation where one image fades in and out over 5.9 seconds and the following clips does the same over 6.7 seconds.


      Thank you.



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          There are actually at least four ways to create a slideshow in Premiere Elements. You're doing it the manual way and so, no, there is no easy way to make uniform changes to your slideshow.


          However, if you select all of the photos you want to add to a slideshow in your Project Assets, right-click and select Create Slideshow, you can set the duration for each slide and transition.


          So there are ways to do it. But it depends on how you're making your slideshow in the first place.