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    Artifacts when importing DJI Phantom 4 images directly into Lightroom


      Hi there. I've had a Phantom 4 for several months, but only started having problems with its integration into Lightroom in the past few days. If I import photos directly from the micro SD card into Lightroom, many of them have digital artifacts in the form of stripes across the image:


      If I right click on the image in Lightroom and select "Show in Finder" the image in the finder also has the artifacts on it. The same thing happens if I try to import the files directly into Photoshop.


      BUT, if I copy the files to my computer's hard drive and then look at them in Photoshop (or even iPhoto) they look fine:


      This leads me to believe that the issue is when the Adobe software is importing the images. I have corresponded with DJI's tech support and sent them this original file, and they confirmed that the file is fine, and they suggested the issue is somewhere on Adobe's end. Has anyone else experienced this, or have a suggestion for me?  Thank you.


      P.S. I am running Lightroom 2015.7 and Photoshop 2015.5.1, and my Phantom's firmware is up to date.