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    Lightroom CC 2015.7 - Page setup


      I have recently updated to current release of LR CC 2015.7 and the Print Module page setup will not respond to Landscape mode. Any ideas how to get it working again?

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          Akash Sharma Adobe Employee

          Hi spirosl,


          Please provide some more detail.


          • What is the current layout selected in Lighgroom?
          • Are you using a Mac or Windows computer?
          • In Page Setup (Bottom Left of Left Panel) ,What Page size have you selected?
          • Post a screenshot of the Page setup panel from Lr here.




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            spirosl2923832 Level 1

            Hi Akash,


            Here are the settings as requested:


            - Single Image/Contact Sheet

            - Windows 10 - By the way today was the annual Microsoft update

            - A4

            - Here is screenshot with photo

            LR 2015.7 - Screenshot Print Module.PNG

            Thanks for your assistance

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              ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              The paper is always shown as vertical in the print module because that is how it feeds out of the printer so I’m not sure what effect Portrait vs Landscape in the printer driver, has.


              You haven’t shown us any of your LR print settings from the righthand panel in the Print module, only your printer dialog, but my guess as to what is wrong is you need to select automatically Rotate to Fit, and maybe Zoom to Fill, and also may need to change the photo-cell size so that the margins are smaller and then photo will get automatically rotated to fit the larger cell size if they are smaller, originally.


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                spirosl2923832 Level 1

                I have been working with LR for a while now. I had/have LR 5 and upgraded to LR CC 2015 recently. In both versions i found the Print Module useful for soft proofing to get a quick idea of where I was heading. I do not know what has happened that has changed this. Perhaps today's Windows 10 update has changed something somewhere. I am attaching two screenshots which I have just created in LR 5 so that you can check out what I had. The shortcut for the landscape or portrait effect in  Print Mode is Shift+Tab+Alt O (portrait) or A (Landscape). This is very fast and very useful. All of a sudden today it disappeared.


                LR 5 - Screenshot Print Module - 2.PNGLR 5 - Screenshot Print Module - 1.PNG

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                  ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Actually you're right about Page Setup at the lower left (which I never click) changing the orientation of the preview in LR.


                  Is that all that is wrong for you, the orientation isn't horizontal for horizontal photos, or is the margin still too big?  If the latter can we see an full LR screenshot that shows the righthand side, including the Image Settings and Layout sections, like this:

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                    spirosl2923832 Level 1

                    Sorry for the delay in replying but I am in Greece so had to shut down for the night. The problem is the Page Setup on the left. Also there seems to be a problem with the Cell Size on the right. The width will only go up to a maximum of 7.76 in so it will always remain in Portrait mode. Here is a full screen of all settings. I have also in the last couple of days updated LR CC so it could be that there is a bug in this area in the last update.


                    LR 2015.7 - Screenshot Print Module - 1.PNG

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                      ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      If you print with the settings you have set in your screenshot does the print come out ok and the preview is the only thing that is off?  The width being smaller than the height seems right to me since the preview is narrower than tall.


                      I have the latest update and it is working for me.  First I tried changing to Landscape in Print... then quickly cancelled, then changed to Landscape in the Page Setup then the display switched as in my screenshot.  Maybe try setting Lanscape in Printer..., start a print then cancel, then change to Landscape in Printer Setup.

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                        spirosl2923832 Level 1

                        Many thanks for your assistance and you time on this. I have tried all you have said but it just does not want to work. I think at this time I will give up as I have wasted too much time trying to get it to perform as before. Hopefully somewhere down the line it will correct somehow.



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                          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                          For me LR CC 2016.7 does perform the same way as you describe LR 5 working so there is hope.

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                            I have a similar problem, in the latest Lightroom... It doesn't matter what I do in Page Setup... or Printer...  the preview is always portrait. How is something so simple (like rotate the view) so difficult in a program of this caliber? I don't want to see my photo in preview on it's side! (sure it prints out right) but I want to see it the right way in the app as well...

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                              John A Horner Level 1

                              i am having a similar problem on a mac. i set page setup to horizontal, but output keeps reverting to vertical. it looks correct in the LR preview window but the output is wrong.


                              adobe... please help!!