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    Local html files


      I am looking for a technology that can do two things:

      1. Can download html files from a server and store them on the local device and then able to load them into a webview in one of the pages of the app.

      2. Do the same as 1 but I want to be able to ship the html files/folder with the app.

      and with in the html files I need to be able to use all the normal functionality as I would be able to use in a normal browser window (html, CSS in an external file, js etc. (Not PHP))


      If phone gap is able to do this I would be a new customer )


      Thanks in advance for the help

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          kerrishotts Adobe Employee

          PhoneGap uses a web view to render HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Your code should be local to the device (shipped with the app). You can update that code through the typical app release process or use code push (Microsoft has a good plugin for this).


          As for downloading additional content, you can use the FileTransfer plugin.


          BTW, PhoneGap is free. PhoneGap Build has a free tier (as long as you can live with the limits).