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    Unable to open second window in additional monitor


      Hi, I've just got a Asus PA248q monitor to aid editing of photos from LR5.

      I want to have the LR second screen open in the grid view and move this second loupe view to the new monitor so I can edit on the computer with the pannels open but just see the larger version of the photo being edited on the bigger monitor.

      I've watched the LR videos on how to do this but the second window will not open full screen on my bigger monitor. The way the instruction shows is to drag the preview image to the second image box in the bottom LHS. When I try and do that I get a prohibited sign. All I can get is the grid view/panel with the smaller second screen on both computer and monitor.

      I'm connecting by a HDMI cable as thats the connection I've got on my computer. Do I need to use a DVI cable and if so will an adapter from the HDMI port on the computer help?

      Any help would be much apprechiated.