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    Which lightroom technique might this be?


      Hi all


      Was wondering if anyone might have an idea of what technique was used to edit this photo:


      Screen Shot 2016-09-29 at 5.56.15 pm.png

      I tried mimicking the effect but was unable to do so! I was more concerned with mimicking the bright whites against the super dark skintone. I've tried to do that to my pictures but was unable to do so even though I have a tan as well. I would like to make it look browner and darker like hers . I tried editing in Lightroom with one of my pictures but was unable to achieve the same eftect. However, the owner of the picture confirmed lightroom was used although she did not provide a tutorial. I've tried saturating the reds but it doesn't seem to work :/

      I do not have the original photo as this was the only uploaded photo.


      Would it be possible to create that skin tone effect at least with pictures like these?


      this is unedited. Please let me know if there are any possible methods you may know of, thank you so much!!