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    Interactive Animation Inserted Into PowerPoint

    Mike Dalton

      Over the years, I have made several complex animations within PowerPoint itself. But I want to use Animate instead to create interactive animations that can be imported and used on a slide, rather than being limited by the tools within PowerPoint. So, here's the question. If I make an interactive animation within Adobe Animate, can I use that animation without web access? I'm basically trying to put a mini-website with all the elements on a local drive so there's no need to actually connect to the internet.  Sort-of like an interactive gif with trigger points or something like that.  Hopefully that makes sense.

      I definitely don't want to use Flash because I want these to be usable in the future (long after Flash is gone) and I also REALLY want to avoid the super-annoying pop-up about blocked content due to Active-X content in explorer.  Thoughts?