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    Editing a page in Acrobat DC Pro, but the file size increase is problematic?


      Hi Acrobat wizards,


      My work is digitizing old pamphlets for eventual publication on the web. Our scans (~80-200 pages per scan) need to be below 10000kb. We've found that running the "Enhance" Scanned Document (with Recognize Text) option generally shrinks them to a good size. We also recently found the "Edit PDF" section to be helpful, particularly because when we make the scan editable, we can easily delete the grainy backgrounds.


      However, sometimes when we delete backgrounds, the file size gets much, much bigger (perhaps because of the creation of the editable page?), and sometimes it gets smaller (perhaps because the grey backgrounds are so many pixels?). More often it gets bigger. We've noticed these editable pages cannot be enhanced or shrunk in any way.


      My question is, is there any way to edit a pdf page then revert the page back to a simple, uneditable image, while still keeping the changes?


      If not, is there a way to enhance editable pages while keeping the same resolution?