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    Mouse and Other Settings

    THRobinson Level 1

      I've used Adobe for a few years now, been using CS6 since it was released until about a week ago and having a few minor annoyances with it, that I'm hoping are just settings somewhere.


      1) Mouse Clicking. Usually like in most programs, you click to select something, a few quick clicks and a word highlights, a few more quick clicks and you can get the whole line of type to highlight. In CC, I'm sometimes clicking 15x and still not highlighting anything. Sometimes clicking off of stuff takes two clicks instead of one. It's as if the mouse is stuck or something. I switch back to CS6 and works totally fine.


      2) Workspace. In CS6 I may have to click reset for my custom workspace maybe once an hour, and usually just an issue with a pallet or two being shrunk down at the bottom. CC brought in my custom workspace, but I'm resetting that thing every 10-15min because eventually all pallets are getting shrunk down to the bottom. Same workspace, same files, but unlike CS6 I'm constantly resetting.


      3) Eyedropper. Use to default to the normal eyedropper tool, now defaults to (I believe) the colour theme tool, and when I switch to eyedropper and try to copy type appearance, it's pretty hit and miss what it'll copy. CS6 I highlight type, eyedropper other type, style/appearance copies over. Now, sometimes it does, sometimes it copies the colour, sometimes something else... seems finicky.


      Anyone else with these issues? any sorta fixes?