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    How can I precisely relocate image in monitor using the arrow keys?


      I'm currently using Premiere Elements 13, on my Windows 10 desktop. When I use the Crop special effects, I am able to precisely position the top, bottom, left and right limiters by typing in the one decimal point percentage figures. This works great, especially when trying to manually move the limiter in the monitor view by holding down the left mouse button and dragging. Being able to enter the percentage lets the fine tuning be done easily.


          However, I've been unable to find a similar positioning tool for when I want to move the entire image in the monitor view. The only way I'm currently aware of to move the image is by holding down the left mouse button and dragging the image. What would be the most direct and intuitive way (to me) to precisely move the image, once you've left mouse clicked on the clip to show the white frame with its 8 little white squares, would be to simply hold down the Ctrl button, then use the 4 arrow keys to precisely position the image. However, holding down Ctrl and pressing any of the 4 arrow keys doesn't work, neither does holding down Alt and pressing any of the 4 arrow keys, neither does holding down Shift, or Shift Ctrl or Shift Ctrl Alt. To me, it would greatly help in precise positioning if I could hold down the Ctrl key and then press whichever arrow key was appropriate.


           Does anyone happen to know how to precisely position an image in the monitor view other than by holding down the left mouse button and dragging the image to where you want it?