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    DPX Cineon Output and Linear Color Managment


      Hey guys,


      Maybe someone can help me out with some general questions regarding After Effects Linear workflow and color management in conjunction to DPX output.


      Where my understanding is very limited is how to output these files so my DPX files final output match that of the Srgb curve that my monitor applies to keep color consistent within my project.

      Once rendered the DPX files are much darker or when testing other settings give very skewed results.

      Not being extremely versed in using DPX, how would I render out my DPX so the linear workflow has its same color consistency applied as it appears (srgb) correct in my monitor?


      I'm using 32bpc float in the REC. 709 color space as that is what master will be in.


      What am I missing here? Thanks for any responses!