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    InDesign Inconsistent Hotkey Behavior – Explain?

    chirrchirr Level 1

      I use InDesign CC on two different computers: a MacBook and Mac mini. I've frequently found the hotkey shortcuts behaving very strangely on my laptop. I don't really understand this behavior because I don't think I've changed anything in the settings and I'm relatively certain the hotkeys have started working and not working in the same session in the document.


      The main hotkey combination i use is to resize placed graphics files. I use option-shift-command to maintain the aspect ratio and centering of the object and make minute scale adjustments with the trackpad. Sometimes this works perfectly. Other times it does not work at all. The same with the basic shift key and drag object handles – that usually always maintains the aspect ratio of what i am resizing, but on my Mac laptop it sometimes does this – and sometimes does nothing.


      This issue is endemic across two laptops I've owned now. So I don't think it's hardware specific, unless it's Mac laptop specific. I've never had this problem on my Mac desktop.


      Anyone else experience this? Is there something really obvious I'm missing?


      Using the latest versions of macOS Sierra and InDesign CC.