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    Muse import html - responsive design - portrait and landscape mode - only one file is shown


      Hello guys,


      i have made a website for one of my clients and have the following problem:


      I have a text with links and the client wants a responsive design. The problem is with the smartphone in portrait and landscape and i have made the breakpoints with 2 different files (one small and one big) but when i upload the files, only one of the 2 files is shown. i say hidden for this breakpoint and when i change the breakpoints everything is good in planing. But when the site is uploaded - only 1 file is shown. There must be an actualization when i change from portrait to landscape - is this possible or not??


      What other solution is there for me???


      A text with links is not possible, because the font is Calibri and this font is rastered by default. A PDF is not possible, because it is not available in Placing. A WordPDF or WORD-Html is not possible  - dreamweaverHTML  - the same - problem like described upon.


      Please help me because i told the client that i can make the website for him  - he formerly had  a jimdo site and changed to me, because of MUSE and it's good design functions.


      Thank you all