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    amf channel issue

      We have a peculiar issue while connecting from swf file to the Java side. Here is out setup

      1. html/swf file is on the webserver
      2. Spring/Java objects are on the Application servers.

      When we ok from some PC which have (Flash 9.0.54) and (Flash 10.0.x). But from some other PCs which have Flash 9.0.54, we are getting a 'Send Failed' error (which means it is not able to connect to the amf channel). When we refresh the browser we are ok...

      We tried different options including catching the 'Send Failed', 'Client.Error.MessageSend', 'Channel.Call.Failed' errors and retrying by connecting to the amf channel. Still we are hitting the same issue.

      The problem is it seems to be happening on some PCs., but not on others..Its definitely not a flash player version issue since we are o on versions 9 and 10 as mentioned above. The PC s from which it is failing also has version 9.

      Did anyone face a similar issue??
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          SujitG Level 2

          When the send fails, please try putting a break point and see if the FaultEvent object has any other information on why this is failing. Check the faultDetail, faultString and the rootCause properties in the FaultEvent. You can also see URL of the channel, see if the URL is proper.

          You said when the browser is refreshed the problem is not there anymore, is it because of swf file being cached?

          Hope this helps.
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            Hello there,

            I am also running into same problem. I am getting ''Send Failed" message when the swf file loads the first time. But when we refresh the browser , the channel behaves okay and the data shows up. Were you able to solve this problem?

            Your help will be highly appreciated.