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      I use Indesign cc 2015 on both my home and work computers and latest Adobe digital editions (4.5 I think). So, my problem is that:

      On my home computer i make an epub, export it the same way as on my work computer, but the Adobe digital editions does not open it. It says: "Errors were encountered in this item". The interesting thing is that. When I take the home epub to the computer at work, it's working there. So as I see things - when i export epub from Indesign CC 2015, adobe digital editions is not opening it. I know that for sure, 'cuz when I export an epub even from my comp at work, and try it on my home-one, it also isn't working. Also, I noticed that (i have a pirate version of older Indesign, which is exporting epub 2 and epub 3.0 - and they are not creating problems of that kind. So what do you think is the problem? I uninstalled and installed the adobe digital editions twice, I opened exported and tried to open several new and different files and nothing worked on my home computer... But they are all working at my working comp...

      I'll be grateful if someone can help with this, 'cuz I'm using that program to take a look at what I've done with those digital books that I'm working on, so it's very important for me to use that program.