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    ADE Does Not Work with 3M Cloud Library and OverDrive


      My library has both 3M Cloud Library (now cloudLibrary) and OverDrive to borrow books. To use the titles from 3M, you have to use their desktop app that is authorized with a generated Adobe ID so you can use the mobile app too.


      To use OverDrive eBooks, you need to use the Adobe Digital Editions program and authorize with an Adobe ID. You then use this Adobe ID to use the mobile app.


      When you have both programs on a desktop computer, the 3M Cloud Library ID overrides the Adobe ID in Adobe Digital Editions causing a block up/confusing. Now the Adobe Digital Editions program will not do anything except give me a variety of error messages.


      Is there a way to stop 3M Cloud Library (cloudLibrary) from taking over the Adobe Digital Editions program?


      I have tried to go through Adobe chat and got absolutely no help after 2 hours of being run around