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    Image/Object Captions using CC on Mac using InDesign, newest version


      Hi, and thanks in advance for any assistance. I'm working on a Mac OSX with InDesign CC 2015.4 creating an ebook - reflowable. I am having several difficulties adding captions to images. 1) The objects/images are anchored, and the text is wrap-around. I understand I must release the anchor to add the caption. Once I release the anchor and use Object Captions - (Generating either a live caption, filled in via Bridge and the Description field - or - a static caption typed in manually), I can see the caption only until I re-anchor the image/object, then the caption field says "No data from Link"  or "No intersecting Link." I have previously set up Captions to use this Description field. I have also tried the Name field and manually typing in data. Neither works.


      I have also tried a separate method of placing the object to the side, resizing, adding a text frame, grouping the two and moving back into text frame. This approach generated formatting issues in the export - Including #2 mentioned next.


      2) Some of my captions are longer than one line. I realize that's an issue b/c 'text in a text variable cannot break to another line,' but I have been unsuccessful in converting the variable to text via (Type>Text Variables>Convert Variables to Text) as the latter is greyed out.


      Any assistance is appreciated - many of the threads I have read here on this topic appear to be from years ago, and I am not certain if there is something different I should be doing with the new version - CC rather than CS5,6, etc. - I am working on my iMac via the Apps offered with Creative Cloud. Thanks again.