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    "Merge Visible" for complex PDF images?

    YossiD Level 1

      After extensive searching I ended up here.


      I have PDF files of 3D mechanical models created in drafting software. Many elements of the models are not visible in the PDFs, but they are still in the file, resulting in very slow rendering and large files. How can I discard the invisible elements and merge the remaining elements into a single object. Photoshop has Merge Visible but I have not found an Acrobat function that does the same thing. The Flatten Page Javascript doesn't seem to do anything with these kinds of images.


      The only workaround I've found so far is to save the file as a raster image, but obviously the quality suffers quite a bit, so I much prefer keeping the original vector data.


      I am using Acrobat 7 Pro on WinXP SP-3. I know I'm living in the stone ages, but this is quite sufficient for what I'm doing.