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    Workflow for Lightroom check in and checkout on two computers



      I have two offices, on in Asia and another one in Europe. In Asia I have my master computer and a large desk drive where all originals are stored. When I travel to Europe it's usually for a month or more, could be up to 4 months, and imagine I have then thousands of pictures brought back. The problem is that I also want to bring some older pictures and sometimes work on them during travelling, so I export something and transfer to my laptop. After coming back it's always a nightmare trying to find out how to synchronise old and new into the master computer. If I'm busy like this year I might have worked on the main computer as well for a month or two until finding time to import back, and are trying to find out where I have the latest version. I have not found any way to show last edit date. I have searched internet but have not found anything that makes it easy. Now I know to make it work, I have to transfer the picture files to a temp area on my master computer, then delete the photos in the master lightroom, and import catalog and transfer temp files into their proper place in the structure. My structure looks like:


      Photos in Lightroom





      For me it would be great if there was a proper checkout, that would allow you to lock this folder on the main, and then easy check back in, and you know which was the last version because there can't be two. I'm also having trouble exporting to zenfolio, as there is no synchronisation what was uploaded from each of the computers. So now I'm stuck working directly in Zenfolio, making all the traceback and tone adjustments etc. into an impossibility.


      Does somebody have similar trouble and have created a workflow that can be understood? I would love to hear about it.