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    How do I make texts fly? (free transform and shadows)

    senjaez49486447 Level 1

      Hi, I am trying to make text fly as realistic as possible in Aft.er Effects


      There are two things that I want to do in the picture above, but have trouble accomplishing them:


      1) I want right side of the text to get bigger and rest of the text just follow that change of size as they fly (follow along the paths).

      e.g. I want right side of "g" to get bigger as they fly and the whole shape of "g" will follow that, and it goes on and on for the rest of "f", "e", "d"...


      2) I want my shadow to come off from the right side of text. In another words, I want to have time differences when the shadow for each individual letters appear.

      e.g. The shadow of "g" comes off first and the rest of letters ("f", "d", "e"...) will follow the order. At the same time, I want distance between shadow and letters to be departed further and further as it flies.


      These are the two effects that I want to achieve in order to make text fly as realistic as possible, and I would really appreciate if you could teach me how to do that in After Effects.

      I am not sure if my description was clear, so please ask me again if that is the case.


      Also, if you have any other ways or methods that could make text fly realistically, I would take your recommendation into my consideration.


      Thank you for reading, and please help me out here!