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    Authorization cleanup



      first I have to apologize for my bad english (schooltime is long ago :-().

      My problem is:  I`ve got the error message :"Error! check activation" Well I tried to cleanup then my authorization to restart it after that. But I couldn`t cleanup the authorization because I got the message "wrong password". So I changed my password at adobe and adobe confirmed it. But now digital editions still doesn`t accept my new password.

      What astonishes me too, is, that I think, that when I signed in to digital editions years ago, I used an email-adress different to the adress that adobe shows me in authorization-cleanup-process (well I´m not sure about that). I tried to change my email-adress at adobe too, but it is not accepted by the system.

      So - what can I do? How can I cleanup my authorization? Thanks for your help and patience by reading this terrible-english-text.

      Your grateful Uli from germany