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    importing projects - ?? for Peter G.

    Aurora Tech Writer

      You mentioned to me about how you create a fake webhelp project to import your word docs into, then once you get it looking nice, you then import it into your main project.

      I looked on your website and could not find out explicitly how you import from your fake (or test) project into your main project. Would you mind giving me a quick run down (or point me to the correct page on your site)?


      Jim C.
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          You could import the Word document straight into your main project. There is potential for something to go wrong. I am not saying it will and in most cases it will not. However, if you create a new project and import into that, it doesn't matter if something goes wrong. You just trash the project and import again into another new project.

          Once you have the topics in, you do any tidying up that you deem necessary. Don't create a TOC or do any indexing. Just get the appearance of the topics as you want them.

          Then in your parent project you highlight the folder where you want the new topics, right click and select Import.