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    How to hand over a Text-String to a sub layer (text object)

    Jan -

      Hi there,


      I'm a beginner in Ae but I have to know how this: (Due to the fact I bought something over videohive)

      I have a main comp and there a linked layers in it. Now I have to "call" that sub layers with a variable text string so that the text content changes on behalf of the string I hand over.


      E.g. in my case it's Lower Thirds which I have to use several times with different content/names. I would be perfect to just duplicate the man comp, with different strings/variables instead of copy ALL sublayers/subcompositions and relink the sources as well.


      I hope it's clear what I mean - my english is not the best and I don't know how to describe correctly anyway.


      Best regards from Germany,