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    Adobe Muse file not opening




      I am having this issue where one of my particular file is not opening on a particular computer only. I tried opening that file on a MacBook Pro on Muse 2015.2 and it's working there, but not on iMac 27" with the same Muse version. I can see the plan view but it's just loading after that. The rainbow loading icon is just spinning and spinning. I have to force quit the software every time. I tried reinstalling Muse, but no luck. The file seems to be in good shape as it is working everywhere other than the iMac. Please help me solve this issue.


      Thank you!


      Update: This has something to do either with the network or creative cloud. I was just messing around with all the possibilities and I turned off the internet and open the file and it worked. Then, I turned the network back on, reopened the file and the loading icon starts spinning again. Then, I tried another thing, I signed out of creative cloud and this time the file is working with the network on. So, I guess I'll have to keep it signed out.