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    var dc = sh.directories[0].connect(); is not able to connect it is throwing error like


      Directory.connect:24:Batch undefined:Exec

      Connection could not be established. Check your directory configuration settings.

      Your help needed to solve this issue

      my code

      var sh = security.getHandler("Adobe.PPKMS");

      // Connect to the directory containing the user certificates:

      var dir = sh.directories[0];

      var dc = dir.connect();

      // Search the directory for certificates:


      var importantUsers = dc.search({oParams:{lastName:"Smith"}});

      var otherUsers = dc.search({oParams:{lastName:"Jones"}});

      // Allow important users full, unrestricted access:

      var importantGroup = {

      userEntities: importantUsers,

      permissions: {allowAll: true}