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    Best way to get PowerPoint charts into InDesign?



      I am typesetting a report in InDesign and have to include several charts that have been supplied as PowerPoint slides. The slides are embedded Excel charts that have been annotated in PowerPoint. The only formatting I need to do is to change the fonts and colours.


      I would normally paste the charts into Illustrator, make the necessary changes and then save as an .ai file to place in InDesign. But I then end up with .ai files that are over 1MB each for simple bar charts, and the file size of the final PDF will be too large.


      Is there another way to get the charts into InDesign that won't create such a large end file? Or is there something I can do in Illustrator to reduce the file sizes, or when I output to PDF from InDesign?


      I can make the formatting changes in PowerPoint, so maybe going into Illustrator is an unnecessary step?


      Any suggestions appreciated, thanks!