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    Kindle Plugin for Adobe Indesign won't install/work on MacBook Air

    janeller316 Level 1



      I've been trying to get Kindle Plugin for Adobe Indesign to install on my Mac, but it either won't or, if it does, it doesn't work the way it's supposed to work. It says it installs, but then disappears. I can't find it in applications, nor can I find it in my plugins for Adobe Indesign. When I open an InDesign file, I know it's supposed to give me the option to Export for Kindle, but it's not there. I have Kindle Previewer and my Java is up-to-date. All my Adobe apps are up-to-date. I have been having issues with other programs so it might just be my computer, but in case it's not, does anyone have any ideas how to get it to work?