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    Windows 10 appx installs but immediately closes


      My app (1249164) builds and installs fine, but upon launching the app, the phonegap splashscreen is shown briefly, and then the app terminates.

      I've installed the pfx to the local machine as a Trusted Root Certificate, and set Windows 10 to sideload.
      I've tried playing with the config.xml and pfx certificate all day to no avail.

      The Windows event viewer shows several logs:

      Fault bucket , type 0

      Event Name: WWAJSE

      Response: Not available

      Cab Id: 0


      Problem signature:

      P1: 8102CheeseFrog.Quatris_1.0.0.0_x86__4ak2n0f0844h4

      P2: Quatris

      P3: 6c0a

      P4: 0

      P5: ms-appx://8102cheesefrog.quatris/www/cordova.js

      P6: 107_5 ...

      and also

      ActivateApplicationForContractByAppIdAsUserWithHost of the app 8102CheeseFrog.Quatris_4ak2n0f0844h4!Quatris for the Windows.Launch contract failed with The remote procedure call failed.