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    Lightroom 6 won't start after CC problems!

    libbity Level 1



      I've used Lightroom CC for 6 months without any problems, after the most recent update it didn't work at all (error u44m1p7, then exit code 6, then exit code 7). I tried uninstalling and deleting EVERYTHING from my computer and to reinstall, nothing worked, everytime the same problem and errorcodes came up. I did everything I could find on this website, the support couldn't help me either.


      I then purchased the Lightroom 6 CD on Amazon and just tried installing it - SAME PROBLEM. After installing it won't start, Lightroom opens though and then it immediately says 'no response'.

      The odd thing: the frozen start screen still says 'Lightroom CC' and not 'Lightroom 6' and I didn't have to insert the serial number, just had to sign in with my Adobe ID. All of that is just so odd and I REALLY need Lightroom for my work asap!


      If needed, some of my computer information:

      Windows 10 64bit, 8GB RAM, the CPU is AMD fx(tm)-4130 Quad Core.


      Thanks in advance