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    Ensure certain fields are filled out depending on other fields

    bEAN Level 1

      Ok, so since I got great help last time, I thought I'd ask another question.  Frankly, I don't know how to go about doing what I want.  So I have 5 fields labeled as follows:

      School 1, Major 1, Degree 1, Graduation Year 1, School docs 1


      Degree 1 is a dropdown and School docs 1 is a check box if that matters.


      Now, what needs to happen is, if the person fills in any of those 5 fields, they NEED to complete the other 4.  Whether that means they can't save it or they can't move out of the box or whatever, i'll leave up to whoever is helping me and whatever is easier.  Initially, I made it so once they got to the school docs 1 checkbox, a popup came up and asked if they had proper documentation and if they hit "no", then it would delete the other 4 fields.  But that doesn't always work because they can just click out of the fields before they even get to the school docs 1 checkbox.


      And I also have 2 more groupings of those (i.e. school 2, school 3, major 2, major 3...)


      Any help would be appreciated!!!!


      Adobe Acrobat Xi pro for windows